Interesting Facts About Brittney Cooper

Do you know Brittney Cooper? This woman currently constitutes a relevant part of the current feminist movement, being a representative icon of African American women. In this article, you will learn some interesting facts about Brittney Cooper, and her role in today’s culture.

Who is Brittney Cooper?

Brittney Cooper is an American author, college professor, cultural critic, and activist, specializing in the topics of African American women’s organizations, iconic black women’s figures, and feminism in hip-hop culture.

She stands out because she has published several books and articles covering content on: African American women in current feminism, studies on gender identity and sexuality, racism, among other important social controversies of today.

Some Facts About Brittney Cooper

If you are interested in learning more about this great intellectual figure of black feminist culture, here are some information that may interest you:

  • Brittney Cooper was born in 1980, in the southern United States, in the city of Ruston, Louisiana.
  • He studied Political Science and Languages ​​at Howard University in 2002. He graduated with honors, included within the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, standing out in the honors program of his university for his thesis to graduate from Languages
  • Not only is she a professional in Languages ​​and Political Science, Brittney Cooper, upon graduation, took a Master of Arts from the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts at the end of 2007. Two years later, in 2009, she completed her doctorates in American Studies and Studies of Women at the Emory Liberal Arts Institute.
  • Cooper served as a university professor at the University of Alabama, in the College of Race and Gender Studies, performing excellently as an educator. He also worked at the Graduate headquarters of the Rutger’s University Center for Races and Ethnicities, within a Ford foundation.
  • She was a co-founder of the Crunk Feminist collective and together with a great team of women, wrote articles for this project, which talks about diversity and inclusion, African American culture, and feminism for women of color.
  • In 2016 Brittney Cooper gave a talk for the TED Talk project, called “The racial politics of time”, where she broke down the subject of racism and its passage through the history of America.
  • Brittney Cooper has published 3 books of her authorship. The first was “Beyond Respectability,” launched in 2017 through the University of Illinois publisher. His second book, edited in conjunction with Robin Boylorn and Susana Morris, was The Crunk Feminist collection, collecting several articles from the blog of this project. His last book was “Eloquent Rage”.
  • All her publications have the common point of expressing her frustrations, desires and expectations of society as an African American feminist woman, and in the same way she seeks to make visible the visions and voices of other women that she defends in her writing.
  • Today, Brittney is a professor at Rutgers University, teaching classes on women’s and gender studies.
  • She writes articles for relevant and transcendent magazines such as TIME, Cosmopolitan, Salon, among others. She is recognized for her eloquence and clarity in writing and a great talent for persuading.

Brittney Cooper is one of the most important icons in feminism today, fulfilling the role of informing and teaching about the rights of women, the position of the African-American race today, gender identity and hip hop culture in today’s social controversies.

There is no doubt that multiple sectors of society feel represented by her and perhaps more agents of change capable of expressing their feelings as she does, are needed to build a better world. We hope you continue to move forward with your dreams and read something new of your creations very soon. In this regard, read his works and learn more.