Feminism today

An emerging and very popular topic today is the feminist movement. In this article, you will learn about feminism today, its influences and how this culture has developed in the youth of the 21st century.

What is feminism?

Feminism, from its beginnings, with the suffrage of women, was defined as a movement that defends and determines the rights of women who seek gender equality and make visible the desires and opportunities of each woman, regardless of their race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

Today’s Feminism

The feminist root that is growing today is known as the third wave of feminism. Today, the movement dedicated to women’s rights in society has become popular and has gained strength among young girls, who through technology and social media have made the movement visible.

Today, feminism is defined as something that must be intersectional, that is, inclusive and diverse. It should not only be about women’s rights, but about the close relationship that this movement maintains with the issue of racism, sexual violence, civil responsibility, children’s rights, education and general culture.

The most relevant themes or agendas, in relation to feminism, include awareness of self-love, the empowerment of women in the different work sectors and in entertainment, root out what remains of the patriarchal and misogynistic culture, as well as as to the culture of rape, and the identity of gender and sexuality.

Unlike the twentieth century, today mentioning feminism is no longer a total taboo. How has this movement become so popular with young girls between the ages of 13 and 21? Well, as feminism has gained strength and has made itself felt. Many artists (singers and actresses, mainly) have made the movement popular through social networks, which are also used by activists.

In itself, feminism today is a topic that is heard much more than in previous years. The women of this new generation have sought through this movement to raise their voices in the face of injustices and have become aware of the importance of their rights.

Although it may seem exaggerated to many people, it must be considered that these are years during which women have been looked down upon or minimized in certain sectors of political, educational and work life, in fact in some countries this is still their current reality.

Feminism in social networks

The media have changed in a momentous way over time, and activism has made great strides within this change, taking advantage of the conjunctures. With the rise of the internet and the increase in information technologies, the feminist movement has known how to take advantage of the massification of social networks to achieve its ends.

The movements that fight for social equality have created their spaces in social networks, taking advantage of the reach they can achieve. Feminism is a hot topic in Google searches, in the feed of many people on Instagram, and it has become more present thanks to the evolution of ideas that women of the 21st century have had.

Young girls today are more aware of the importance of their opinions and dreams, as well as their presence in society in conjunction with men. In the same way, many young men have joined the ideas posed by feminism. In this sense, the feminist movement has transcended gender, it is no longer about women only, men have been joining the cause.

Finally, it is worth adding that it is not about being radical and wanting to impose an ideology of thought where women should be considered superior to men or anything like that. True feminism fights for a level playing field, so that the female gender can compete for the same benefits that the male gender can obtain with effort.

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